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Bootstrap Visuals for Confluence is a plugin that provides page macros to display Bootstrap components on your page.
This Confluence Server plugin will not be further developed nor will there be a Data Center or Cloud version of it. However, the Server plugin works fine in a DC environment.
Support will be provided until the EOL of the server plugin on Atlassian's Marketplace which is 2024-02-15.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is an open source web design platform that comes with a large front-end component library for web sites. It is one of the most popular web frameworks and was created by the great people at, released under the MIT license.

What does this Confluence App do?

This plugin provides page macros in Confluence that will put Bootstrap 4 and Bootstrap 5 visual objects to your page. They offer many options to configure them to your liking.
Bootstrap comes with several components that require JavaScript to animate or automate things. These elements are not included in this App. Goal was to keep the plugin safe by not inserting any JavaScript into your pages. It only adds elements that do what they do solely based on CSS. But that alone is amazing enough.
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