Administrator Guide


Login to your Confluence instance and navigate to the “Find new Add-Ons” page:


Search for “Bootstrap Visuals for Confluence”.

Select the “Install” button next to it.

After that installation, you are done. There is no more configuration to do.


The plugin adds the following resources to your site:

  • A few icon images

  • A customized Bootstrap style sheet (only those styles needed for the visuals)


No. Most interactions in Bootstrap are based on the original jQuery library. This library is not included because it collides with the Confluence implementation of it.

Other JavaScript Libraries?

No. Bootstrap uses other JavaScript libraries like popper.js and it’s own bootstrap.js. These libraries are also not included because they collide with Confluence.

Custom JavaScript

Where possible and useful, custom JavaScript is included in Bootstrap Visuals for Confluence , e.g. for the admissible feature of Alert boxes. These functions access Confluence’s own jQuery implementation.

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