Line Chart



The Chart.js Line Chart macro can show several data sets, each of them as lines or filled line areas.

Adding the Macro

  1. Edit your page.

  2. Select “+” => Other macros

  3. Type in “Chart.js” in the Search box

  4. Select the “Chart.js Line Chart” macro

  5. Enter and select the options of the macro

  6. Click Insert

  7. Put your data table in the macro body

  8. Save the page

Macro Options

Data Table

The macro requires a table with your data in the macro body. It needs to follow a certain format. Here is an example used for the above screenshot:

Header Row

The table must have a header row. The first two cells are ignored. The rest are used to label line point of the chart.

Rows and Columns

Each subsequent row describes a data series. The label, color and its values.

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