The Chart.js for Confluence plugin wouldn’t be possible without other great people providing their work to the community for free. does not take credit for these products, it all belongs to their authors. developed the app and macro framework to make the use of these products possible in Confluence. A license for this app framework can be obtained via the Atlassian Marketplace.

The Chart.js module distributed with this app does not fall under that license and can be obtained for free at under the MIT License.

Chart.js is a simple yet flexible Javascript charting framework for web designers and developers. It is an open source community maintained project that can be freely used under the MIT license. It offers 8 different chart types for HTML5 canvas elements that render responsively throughout all modern browsers. The Chart.js for Confluence app provides a framework for five of these chart types.

Check out Chart.js here:

The colorful chart icon used for the app is the beautiful work of cemagraphics. It is available for free here:

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