Grayhound is a system metrics skin package best suited for wide screens


Rainmeter meters several system resources by itself but can also read values from other software like the popular Speed Fan or media players like AIMP. Most of all though, Rainmeter offers extensive skinning capabilities that allow to display the readings in any visual way you want. Many designers have contributed endless and beautiful skins for Rainmeter and one of the best source of them is DeviantArt.

Based on all those many skins and ideas I have developed a skin myself that addresses my personal needs and preferences. I called it: Grayhound.


Most Rainmeter skins build their beauty on the canvas of the whole Windows desktop. And man, are they amazing. However, the moment you start an application, its window is on top of it. For some meters is OK to not see them all the time, but if you want to have an eye on system resources while applications a running, that is unfortunate.

With the increasing popularity of ultra-wide monitors I designed the Grayhound Skin Pack to be displayed at the left and right of the desktop while your application can run in the middle of it. Look at this example:

My running applications are placed as windows in the middle of my screen while the Grayhound skin (a background application at this point) is still visible on the left and right of the screen.

If that is something your are looking for as well, give my Grayhound Rainmeter Skin a try. It is free after all.


I’d like to thank the following contributors for their work that I used for my implementation of the Rainmeter Grayhound skins:

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