HWiNFO setup for Rainmeter

HWiNFO Application

HWiNFO is a popular and detailed system monitoring software. It recently turned commercial but the developer was kind enough to allow an integration with Rainmeter when used free for personal use.

What basically happens now is that HWiNFO is reading the system measures and puts them into the Windows Registry. From there, Rainmeter skins can pick them. In fact, the integration has now become much easier.

Read all about how to install and set up HWiNFO here.

Edit your HWiNFO.inc File

With these information at hand, you need to edit the HWiNFO.inc file in the @Resources folder.

Let’s look at this example:


; AIO settings

For your AIO, correct the ValueRaw numbers that HWiNFO is saving them on your PC.

Do the same for the other values in the file.

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