Layout and Skins

Once you have installed and started Rainmeter you will find its icon in the Windows task bar. Right-click it to open its context menu.

Loading a Layout

A “Layout” is a combination of several skins positioned on your desktop. Grayhound comes with two layouts.

  1. Grauhound 2560×1440

  2. Grayhound 3840×1260

These layouts are examples for the two screen sizes indicated by their names.

Changing a Layout

Once a Layout is loaded, you can click and drag each skin anywhere else on the desktop.

Saving your Layout

Once you are happy with the positioning, you can save your layout. Right-click the Rainmeter taskbar, then select Manage.

Select the Layouts tab. Selct the options you want to save, enter a new name for your current layout and click Save.

Loading additional Skins

You can add more skins onto your desktop individually. Right-click the Rainmeter taskbar, then select Skins => Grayhound (or any other package you might have).

See the following screenshot (don’t be confused, I put the Windows task bar at the top of my screen).

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