Lewe Jira Connector is a WordPress plugin showing Jira issue information

Lewe Jira Connector is a WordPress plugin that allows to connect to Jira hosts (Server, Data Center or Cloud) and display issue and filter information on your pages and posts.

In the WordPress back-end, you can create one or more Jira hosts to connect to. After setting them up, you can use shortcodes to retrieve issue or filter information from these hosts and display them on your WordPress pages and posts.

Lewe Jira Connector supports Bootstrap colors. If you do not like the Jira status category colors, you can replace them with a Bootstrap color.

The button, inline and panel displays of Jira issues are also based on popular Bootstrap visuals like alerts or badges.

Jira filter results are displayed in a table that allows column sorting.

Feature Comparison

FeatureFree VersionPaid Version

Unlimited Jira Hosts

Custom status category colors

Issue button

Issue panel

Issue inline

Jira filter results

License fee (per domain)


€ 59 / year

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