How to obtain and install a license key

Some features of the Lewe Jira Connector plugin require a license / subscription for a small yearly fee. See here for a feature comparison.

One license is valid for one domain.

How to obtain a license

Go to the service desk at

Select the “License and Billing” request type:

Enter a Summary and in the Description field, add the name and address you want to be on your invoice. Select “Lewe Jira Connector” in the Product select list.

You will then receive a proper invoice and the license key after your payment was received.

How to install the license key

In your WordPress back-end, navigate to the License page of the Lewe Jira Connector options:

Enter the license key you were provided in the license key field and click Activate.

Your license will then be active and the additional features will be available.

How do I renew a license?

A license is valid for one year. You can see the expiry date on the license page. If you want to renew your license, use the same process as applying for a license. Submit a Request in the Service Desk. Please add your current license key to the description field.

The license will be extended after the renewal payment has been received.

How do I unblock a license?

There are reasons that can lead to a blocked license, e.g. an overdue payment, failure to renew or fraud. In such a case submit a License Request issue in the Service Desk to have your license unblocked or renewed. Please add your current license key to the description field.

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