Administrator Guide


Login to your Confluence instance and navigate to the “Find new Add-Ons” page:


Search for “HTML and AUI Toolkit for Confluence”.

Select the “Install” button next to it.

After that installation, you are done. There is no more configuration to do.

Disabled Macros

For security reasons, the following macros will be installed as disabled. You need to manually enable them if you want to use them.

How to enable macros after installation

Macros can be easily enabled or disabled after the plugin installation in the Add-on Manager of Confluence.

Navigate to the Confluence Add-on Manager and scroll down to the HTML Toolkit for Confluence plugin entry. Click the title bar.

Click on the expand icon of the modules for this plugin.

You will see the list of available modules in the plugin. Some of them will be disabled after the installation.

Move your mouse over the red-colored Disabled text. It will turn into a button saying “Enable”.

Click it.

Done. The module is now enabled and available to your users.

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