AUI Dropdown Menu


The AUI Dropdown Menu can be a nice way to present links to other sites on your page.

The AUI Dropdown Menu

The plguin breaks down the above menu in three elements (macros):

ElementDescriptionMacro Name


The dropdown button. It has a title and clicking on it opens a menu.

AUI Dropdown Button

Menu Section

Sections in the menu. Each section has a title (gray capitals) and a horizontal line divider at the bottom.

AUI Dropdown Menu Section

Menu Link

An entry in a section that links to another site.

AUI Dropdown Menu Link

There is a clear hierarchy to these elements/macros and that reflects in the way you nest these macros on your page.

AUI Dropdown Button

Start with the HTML Dropdown Button macro.


Enter the title of the button.

Give your menu an ID. It must be unique on your page.

Button Primary

With this option enabled, the button will be displayed in the primary color (usually blue).

AUI Dropdown Menu Section

Add as many sections as you like inside the body of the HTML Dropdown Button macro’s body.

Section Label

Enter the section label for this section.

Add as many links as you like inside the body of each HTML Dropdown Section macro’s body.

Enter the link title of the link.

Enter the URL of the link.

Unfortunately, the AUI link item does not support the <rel> or <target> attribute for links. All links will be opened in the same window, unless you Ctrl + Click the link.

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