AUI Dialog


The AUI Dialog is used to guide you through certain actions in Confluence.

The idea of offering it as a page macro is to notify your visitors of certain secondary information after clicking on a button, showing it in such a dialog.

The macro will add a button that your visitors can click to show the dialog. The upper right “X” and the Close button will close the dialog.

Adding the Macro

  1. Edit your page.

  2. Select “+” => Other macros

  3. Type in “aui” in the Search box

  4. Select the “AUI Dialog” macro

Macro Options

Dialog ID

Enter an ID here that is unique on your page.

Button Title

Enter the title of the button here that will open the dialog.

Button Primary

With this option enabled, the button will be displayed in the primay color (usually blue).

Dialog TItle

Enter the title of the dialog here.

Enter a text here that will be shown in small text in the left footer area of the dialog.

Dialog Size

Select the dialog size here:

  • small

  • medium

  • large

  • xlarge

Warning Dialog

With this option enabled, the dialog will be displayed woth e red header.


Use the body of this macro to enter the content of the dialog.

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