Data Center Compatibility

Data Center Compatibility of my Plugins

I have received several requests to provide a Data Center compatible version of the plugins I developed. These requests were mostly generated by the corresponding button in the Plugin Manager of either Jira or Confluence.

Atlassian's Marketplace policy does not allow smaller developers to achieve the Data Center label. However, all my plugins run perfectly fine in a Data Center environment, even though they do not have it.

Why not get the DC Compatible badge?

To achieve a badge, e.g. “Top Vendor”, products and vendors need to fulfill certain requirements. Nothing wrong about that. Unfortunately, for the DC Badge, Atlassian combined technical, organizational and commercial requirements that only few or none of the smaller vendors (like I am) can deliver. For example, a “performance at scale” test is required which requires an invest and the necessary knowledge to setup and run a multi-node DC environment, e.g. at AWS. Other requirements demand organizational factors like escalation procedures or SLAs.

While I understand each one of these requirements, I do not understand the combination of them in one badge. In my opinion, the organizational and commercial aspects should be a separate badge, e.g. “Enterprise Vendor”. I could totally understand if Enterprises would not want to rely on smaller vendors. But hat should be a decision totally separated from what the plugin technically does.

I have contacted Atlassian with my reservations about the DC badge with suggestions how to separate them, but to no success.

Can I use the plugin anyway?

Yes you can. HTML and AUI Toolkit for Confluence works perfectly fine in a DC environment. At least as long as Atlassian does not technically block the installation of plugins in a DC environment if they don’t hold the DC badge.

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