AUI Message


You probably know the Confluence messages, shown to you when certain informationis considered valuable to you as user.

You can now put those messages on your page with this macro.

Adding the Macro

  1. Edit your page.

  2. Select “+” => Other macros

  3. Type in “aui” in the Search box

  4. Select the “AUI Message” macro

Macro Options

Message Title

Enter the title of the message.

Message Color

Select the color of the message.


This switch adds an ‘X’ icon in the upper right corner of the message block which closes and removes the message when clicked.


This switch causes the message block to close and disappear after 5 seconds automatically. The Fadeout will be cancelled if the user interacts with it (hover or focus).


Enter any custom CSS styles here. Each style needs to be terminated with a semicolon.


Use the body of this macro to enter the content of the message.

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