Allowance Bulk Edit

The Allowance Bulk Edit page was added based on a useful user suggestion. The use case was that allowances and/or carryovers changed due to new laws or regulations plus that the latter apply to certain employees or groups only.

This page saves you the work of editing every user profile separately. You can select all users, a number of individual users or only certain groups and then change the allowance and carryover in one shot.

How to work with this page

  1. Select the absence type and user group you want to work on. Click [Load]

  2. Select the users you want to change (or click the “All” checkbox at the top to select all users on the page)

  3. Change the values for each user or, if all selected users shall get the same values, enter them in the blue boxes at the top that are labeled “For all selected”

  4. Click [Update]



Please review the following page to learn about how allowances work:

Absence Allowance

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