Quick Start Guide


Ok, you’re here. Probably because someone installed TeamCal Neo and told you to use it. Don’t worry. It is not that difficult and quite intuitive. This Quick Start Guide will help you to find your way around it.

Registration and Login

Whether you have been given a login or not, you start in the upper right corner of the menu and click on the user icon.


If you don’t have a login yet, click on “Register”. In the following dialog, enter all your information.

Your user account will be created and, based on the settings, activated right away or the administrator does that manually later. A message will tell you which one it is.


Well, you have done that before. Enter your login credentials and off you go.

Edit your Profile

Once logged in, you can edit your profile and set several options there including the selection or upload of an avatar. In order to do so, select “Edit Profile” from the user menu in the upper right.

Viewing the Calendar

Once you are logged in, you might want to look at the calendar first. Select “Calendar (Month)” from the View menu.

Based on your permissions and the configuration you will see all or a subset of users and their absences.

Editing your Calendar

If you want to add absence for yourself, select “Personal Calendar” from the Edit menu.

In the following dialog, you can check the absences you want to set for yourself in the current month.

Based on the configuration, your absence requests will be saved right away or your manager will be informed about them. He can then approve/set them.


Well, that’s basically it. All the other neat stuff you can do with TeamCal Neo can be found elsewhere in this manual. Select the topic you want to learn about from the navigation bar on the left.

I hope TeamCal Neo fits your needs.

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