Calendar (Month)


The primary calendar layout in TeamCal Neo is a month. You view and edit calendars per month. The only exception is the year calendar. It is provided for overview purposes only though and cannot be edited.

TeamCal Neo is Day-Based

As TeamCal Pro, TeamCal Neo is also a day-based calendar. This concept is one of the main success factors of the application. A day is the smallest unit you can plan in TeamCal Neo. It is not a meeting calendar in which you can schedule absences from 9 to 10 in the morning or something like that. There are several good calendar applications out there that you can use for that.

In TeamCal Neo you mark days. Nothing more, nothing less. I am emphasizing on this because I have received several change requests to offer smaller units of a day. I have always denied that because I believe in the value of a simple day-based calendar. And I think the popularity of TeamCal Pro confirms that.

Absence Factor

Of course you can create absence types like “Half-day Vacation”. In order to get your counts right, just set the factor of that absence type to 0.5.

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