Two Factor Authentication

As a user, you have the possibility to set up a two factor authentication to make your login more secure. The administrator might have configured TeamCal Neo to make such a second factor even mandatory.

On the "2FA" tab of your profile you will find the link to set up your second factor, if you are not redirected to it automatically after login.

The the Setup 2FA page will present a barcode and a secret code (text below the barcode) to you that you need to use to add a new entry to the authenticator app of your choice on your mobile device.

Quite popular choices for such an app are Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator.

Once you have added the entry to your app it will display an authenticator code that will change every 60 seconds. Enter the code that is shown in your app into the text box of the TeamCal Neo screen, then click Verify. That will store your authenticator link in TeamCal Neo.

After verifying your code, you need to login to TeamCal Neo again with your username and password plus the current code from your authenticator app.

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