TeamCal Neo
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There are a lot of permissions available in TeamCal Neo. You can grant or deny them to any role. You can save a combination of permissions as a Permission Scheme. You can switch between schemes easily.

General Tab

This tab lists controller permissions. Think of a controller as a page. Each permission on this page refers to a page, e.g. “Manage Groups” allows to load Groups page from the Administration menu.

Features Tab

This tab lists permissions that are sub-features of pages.


Save Scheme
Saves the current settings to the currently selected permission scheme
Select Scheme
Opens a dialog to select a different scheme to work on
Create Scheme
Opens a dialog to create a new permission scheme
Reset Scheme
Opens a dialog to reset the currently selected scheme to default values
View By Role
This button switches the display so that each tab is representing a role instead of a permission category. For some use cases, this is a more useful display.