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Edit Group Calendar (Month)

Accessing the Group Calendar Page

TeamCal Neo offers the option to set absences for a whole group in one shot. The following permissions are necessary to do so:
  • General: Group Calendar (Edit)
  • Feature: Either “Calendar (Edit Group)” or “Calendar (Edit All)”
The group calendar can be accessed via the groups page. In the far right column, select the “Calendar” button to access it.

Editing Group Calendars

The group calendar page is very similar to the user calendar edit page.
The User button is replaced by a Group button that allows you to select the group you want to edit. Note, that you might not be permitted to edit all groups based on your permissions.
The second difference is that there are not daynotes for groups. That row in the calendar table does not exist.

Attention! No Approval Check

The group calendar feature does not perform any individual approval checks. All absences you select on this page will be set to all users of the selected group. You can, however, select to not overwrite existing absences that those users might have already.


Go back a month
Go forward a month
Go to today’s month
Enter an absence for a period
Enter a recurring absence
Select the region for the calendar display
Select the group for which you want to edit the calendar
Save your settings/absences
Clear All
Clear/remove all absences in the current month
Only visible when mobile support is enabled. Allows you to select your screen width.