You can run TeamCal Neo on your own web server if it supports:

  • PHP 8.1

  • MySQL 5.5+ (with PHP_pdo_mysql extension enabled)

You also need access to your web server in order to copy files there and you need to have the possibilty to create a MySQL database that your web server can access.

Creating the database

Login to your web hosting front end and create a MySQL database. You might want to give it a speaking name like “TCNeo”. Write down the

  • Database server URL

  • Your database name

  • Your database username

  • Your database password

Do not use an existing TeamCal Pro database. TeamCal Neo is not compatible with it. If you want to use data from your TeamCal Pro instance you can import them later in Database Management.

Download and copy the TeamCal Neo files

You can download the latest release from the GitHub repositories:

You can run TeamCal Neo either from

  • the root directory of your domain (Example:

  • a sub-directory of your domain root (Example:

  • a subdomain root directory (Example:

Copy all files into the directory of your liking. You can either unzip the archive locally first and copy all files via FTP to your web server or you can copy the ZIP file to your web server and unzip it with a Shell access.

TeamCal Neo Installation

After you have created your database and copied the files, direct your browser to the URL you chose for TeamCal Neo.

TeamCal Neo will automatically display the installation page:

Enter the database information you have written down, select the data set you want to use and confirm the license agreements.

Then click [ Install ].

TeamCal Neo will do the rest for you.

After the installation

After the installation is complete, TeamCal Neo will reload. You will see the following error message:

TeamCal Neo will not start if the installation script “installation.php” still exists in the TeamCal Neo directory. This is a security measure.

Rename the file to “” for now.

Reload TeamCal Neo and check its basic functionality.

If all is ok, you can delete the installation script file.

Running the installation again

There might be situations when you want to run the installation again. In such a case, edit the file “config/” and set the app_installed parameter to 0:

 * A flag indicating whether the installation script has been executed. 
 * 0 = Not run yet
 * 1 = Was run
 * Set this to 0 if you want to run the installation.php script again.
 * If not, it is recommended that you delete the installation.php file.
define('APP_INSTALLED', "0");

Copy the original “installation.php” from the ZIP file back to your TeamCal Neo directory on the server.

Direct your browser to the TeamCal Neo URL. The installation script will start again.

If you only want to reset TeamCal Neo to the sample data, that can also be done more conveniently under AdministrationDatabase ManagementDatabase reset

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