TeamCal Pro Import


TeamCal Neo has been completely rewritten. Specifically the database has seen many structural changes. It is not compatible anymore to TeamCal Pro. You can only import core data from TeamCal Pro. You have to still adjust TeamCal Neo settings after.

It is important that you have upgraded your TeamCal Pro instance to the latest release TeamCal Pro 3.6.019 (or higher) before you attempt these imports.

Your TeamCal Pro database will not be changed, just read.

TeamCal Pro Database

Specify the location and credentials of you TeamCal Pro database. The TeamCal Pro database will not be changed, just read.


You can select the data that you want to import from TeamCal Pro here. Read the descriptions because some tables requires others so that the import makes sense.



Test Database

Tries to connect to the database with the credentials you provided.


Unchecks all options. Nothing will be imported.

Replace All

Checks all tables and to replace the information in TeamCal Neo

Add All

Checks all tables and to add the information to what is in TeamCal Neo


Starts the import

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