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Edit Calendar (Month)

Selecting the Personal Calendar entry from the Edit menu will display the editable calendar of the current month.
Depending on your permissions and the default settings set by the administrator you will be able to edit your own calendar and those of others.
At the top of the calendar you can use several buttons to restrict and filter the display.
The administrator might have set several restrictions for entering absences, e.g. minimum presence per group or maximum allowance of an absence type per month.
In such cases you will receive an information message similar like this one.


Go back a month
Go forward a month
Go to today’s month
Enter an absence for a period
Enter a recurring absence
Select the region for the calendar display
Select the user for which you want to edit the calendar
Save your settings/absences
Clear All
Clear/remove all absences in the current month
Only visible when mobile support is enabled. Allows you to select your screen width.


You can also enter daynotes in your calendar. The Daynotes row allows you access to it. Click the icon to

Responsive Display

If the administrator has enabled mobile display support, you will be able to select your screen width via the [ Screen: ] button. The calendar display will then be adjusted (broken down in sections) to your device’s screen size. Only as many days as fit on your screen will be shown in one horizontal section. Several horizontal sections are produced so you only have to scroll vertically to view the month.
If your exact width is not in the list, select the next higher one.